July 18th, 2008, 8:35 pm

Wroking Progress



I am still not done...TT_____TT

I finished the pencil art of page 71~ XD
but my toned/lettered pages is only on page 35..... lll Orz

here is the pile of papers...might not look like it's a lot, but it is.!!! (at least to me~ XD)

and this is the basic tools I use to complete each page...
pencil, eraser, duster, and a ruler (triangle)~ (the grid thing is nothing related to manga making, it's just to prevent the paper getting wet/dirty from my hand. lll (really bad sweating problem)

THANK YOU so much for all the comments and favs~~!
I read every comment~but being the author...I do not want to make any comment/reply about the story for now. (I totally enjoy reading readers thought though... so thank you ^___^

and Thank you even more if you consider buying the book if I do print it. (even if I can't make it this summer, I'll probably sell it at AX next year...XD)

When I am sure about printing this, I'll stop posting the later half of the story online. so if you really want to know the ending....PLEASE SUPPORT ME by buying it..XD
For sure there will be exclusive materials inside the book, and I might be making gift bookmarks (not for sale) to go with the book. I'll post more information about that later on when I am sure.

that's all for now!

*get back to work*

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