Eternal Gift

July 10th, 2009, 11:12 am

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Reply zelda99, July 10th, 2009, 11:20 am

About MYth: Eternal Gift This particular short will be VERY loosely based on the classical Greek mythology. Also, since I'll be busy with my other original graphic novel, the update on Eternal Gift WILL BE SLOW, please bear with me~~ >__<

Thank you so much for reading MYth.

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User's Comments:

Reply Over_exposure, July 10th, 2009, 11:22 am

Looks good. :)
Can't wait to see mroe. ^__^

Reply sparklytea, July 10th, 2009, 11:36 am

this looks like it'll be wonderful~

Reply u_fido_u, July 10th, 2009, 11:41 am

that looks so beautiful! can't wait to read it.(paitence)

Reply korrected, July 10th, 2009, 11:46 am

Awesome, I voted for this haha :]

Reply Mizumi, July 10th, 2009, 11:52 am

This is gorgeous *o*
I'm excited! x3 ~

Reply LynnPlushie, July 10th, 2009, 12:03 pm

Waaaa! Amphi is so cute!!

And yes. I do give some mythological characters nicknames. Heh heh.

If I could maybe give another idea....I think the story of Cupid and Psyche might be another good story. Perhaps you could think about that one? :)

Reply kamika3, July 10th, 2009, 12:11 pm

HELL YEAH! i so voted for this! i bet it'll be awesome!

Reply Mikotan, July 10th, 2009, 1:17 pm


Reply KizzieSama, July 10th, 2009, 1:26 pm

Yay! A new story :D Can't wait to see how this one plays out :3

Reply VampireKiss, July 10th, 2009, 1:48 pm


Reply akaAkiraHikari, July 10th, 2009, 3:00 pm

Hmm... Not what I personally voted for, but it looks BEAUTIFUL. ^_^

Reply piercedskull, July 10th, 2009, 3:37 pm


Reply SleepyChan, July 10th, 2009, 3:42 pm

I agree with LynnPlushie; Cupid and Psyche is an excellent story, as well as a wonderful romance. I would love to see your take on it. Though, I have a feeling it would be a little on the long side (which I don't mind).

Reply Mikashi, July 10th, 2009, 5:07 pm

So cute, I remember faving this over on dA.

Now, if people are going on an idea stream, how about Pandora and Epimetheus.

Reply mangakittycoon, July 10th, 2009, 8:17 pm

ohhh i hope you can poblish all the myth works at least! it be soo coll to own them all!

Reply CRYSTAL--, July 10th, 2009, 8:30 pm

Ooh, pretty! I love the title of this one.. It sounds so niceee ~

Reply BlackCatz, July 10th, 2009, 10:59 pm

*giggling at konstan_tina99* That's showing the fan! XD

Yay! I voted for this one too XD This is great.

Say, if you're gonna be AX again next year (I hear it's in LA again), I'm so planning to come down to see it and get MYth from you! Please? XD)

Reply skyebluediva10, July 10th, 2009, 11:12 pm

ur comics r so pretty u r really good i loved hades 1 and i think i gonna like this 1 2 u rock :)

Reply dip-eiffel-tea, July 10th, 2009, 11:32 pm


Reply AngelicGirl18, July 11th, 2009, 12:38 am

YES!! The Next MYth Story!! >w<

Reply walkin_talkin_apocolyps, July 11th, 2009, 12:51 am

myeheh im so excited! >..<

Reply Hokova, July 11th, 2009, 10:35 am

this water nymph looks very cuteX3

Reply Saiyaness28, July 11th, 2009, 4:44 pm

Yay! I can't wait to read this new story!

Reply Whiteflamedkitsune, July 11th, 2009, 5:12 pm

Oh this is so pretty XD

Reply XxTsomexX, July 11th, 2009, 8:48 pm


Reply *Suki*, July 11th, 2009, 9:56 pm

Cute. ouo

Reply Jedigal16, July 12th, 2009, 11:23 am

^^ Beautiful! can;t wait to read.

Reply seiracchi, July 12th, 2009, 1:51 pm

SQUEE~ *flails*

What other graphic novel? :D Self published again, or by an official publisher? OwO Either way, I want to buy it when youre done~ xD

Reply Yori Hayashi Chan, July 15th, 2009, 9:16 pm

man, your art never ceases to impress. I love the simplicity of your covers, yet they're so ELEGANT. You're so amazing! *o*

Reply Ponyta, December 5th, 2009, 12:09 pm

Poseida *was rereading* Come to think of it, this 'nymph' kind of looks like Poseida, does she not?

Reply MarchenHope (Guest), January 12th, 2010, 3:48 pm

OMG!!! I LUV YA ART!!! BEEN READING THIS, CAN'T WAIT FOR YOU TO UPDATE!!!! Just wanna let ya know...HADES AND POSEIDON R THE HOTTES ONES!!! Hate Zeus...even though he's so hot...damn!

Reply DNDxRyuzaki, February 13th, 2010, 12:06 am

absolutely amazing i just finished reading Seasons and i'm excited for this next story. you're artwork is breathtakingly beautiful and your stories are carefully original yet still flow well with the natural feeling of the old myths. keep it up! i'm saving up to buy! X3

Reply greyrook, November 24th, 2010, 1:29 pm

Alright Poseidon and Amphitrite!

Reply Merione, November 25th, 2010, 5:42 am

ok that woman is HOT...

Reply Belbe, December 13th, 2011, 6:55 am

Poseidon is so hawt :D!

Reply Amphitrite, August 20th, 2012, 11:32 pm

Pre-Order Can you still get this?? I WANT IT SOOO BAD! >____<

Reply s_sabando, December 5th, 2012, 8:52 pm


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